2024 Rooty Hill Chess Club Summer Cup

2024 Rooty Hill Summer Cup

FIDE Standard and ACF Normal Rated Chess Tournament
9 Round Swiss using FIDE Endorsed Baku Acceleration

Time Control:
75 minutes + 30 seconds per move

Entry Fees:
Members: $20 for Adults | $15 for Juniors
Non-Members: $35 for Adults | $30 for Juniors

Entries close Sunday, 21st January 2024. Late entries incur a $10 late fee.

Every Tuesday from January 23rd to March 19th 2024

Chief Arbiter: Winston Zhao Chen


Terms and Conditions:

  • Entries are only accepted on our website.
  • Decisions made by the arbiter on the night are final and no appeals are permitted for the purpose of time. (Article 11.10)
  • Pairings by Vega using FIDE Approved Baku Acceleration Method.
  • All pairings are provisional and may be subject to change until the round starts.
  • January FIDE and December ACF Ratings will be used.
  • All ½ point byes must be requested at the latest by Friday evening. All byes requested after Friday will be given as zero-point byes. No half point byes in rounds 8 and 9.
  • A maximum of two half point byes will be permitted in the tournament.
  • Exceptions to the byes’ policies will be made under the arbiter’s discretion under special circumstances only. The $10 penalty fee will apply each time you do not turn up before the default time, without informing the arbiter.
  • The draw will be published weekly on our website, newsletter, and social media platforms on Saturday evening.
  • Please email byes@rootyhillchessclub.org if you are unable to make it to your game. There is limited reception at the club, and your text message may not be received by the arbiter.
  • Players not residing in Australia must have a FIDE ID to compete. If not listed on the FIDE website, players must obtain an ID from their national federation.
  • FIDE Competition Rules apply to this tournament.
  • Entries close Sunday January 15th.
  • Late entries are extra $10 for all players. Entries in rounds 7/8/9 will be $20 for all players.